I was born and raised in Santa Ana and spent my youth at the McFadden Library and Jerome Center. After graduating from Santa Ana Unified, I went on to UC Berkeley and then I went to UCLA and received two Master's degrees.

My family raised me to take care of others and to always do the right thing. Their example laid the moral foundations for my life. Last year my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I owe my mom everything and moved back home to spend more time with her. Life is precious and so is the limited time that we have to help others. I love my family and I love my city. As long as I am able to, I will serve the community that gave me and my family a shot at the American dream.

As a homegrown leader, I have spent the last fourteen years working for the City of Santa Ana as an urban planner, librarian, and historian. I've worked both on the front lines and in the City Manager’s Office. I know first-hand the changes that we need to make at City Hall to improve our neighborhoods. I'm not a politician just a community member trying to make a difference in the city that I love.

Great libraries build communities
— Professor R. David Lankes


My dad (Manuel Escamilla senior) and myself in front of the machine shop where we worked together.

My dad (Manuel Escamilla senior) and myself in front of the machine shop where we worked together.

  • UC Berkeley BA History

  • UCLA Master’s of Library and Information Science

  • UCLA Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning

  • 14 years of City of Santa Ana Work Experience

  • Creator of the Teen Community Historian Program

  • Santa Ana Public Library Oral History Program

  • Presenter of Monthly Santa Ana History Lectures

  • Board Member of the Makara Center for the Arts

  • Events Chair for the Mexican-American Cultural Center of OC

  • Member of the Directors Circle for the Grand Central Art Center

  • City Representative on the Santa Ana Arts & Cultural Master Plan